Contemporary Beads

Bright Mica Shift Hollow Bead Example


My teaching calendar for the last quarter of 2016 is shown below. Click on the class names for details, or on a date (if clickable) to make a booking for that class. You can also view full lists of my polymer clay classes and metal clay classes below, along with information on the teaching venues. I hope to see you in a class one day!

October 2016 Sat 22 Polymer Clay Fundamentals SJS Parramatta
November 2016 Sat 5 Polymer Clay Contemporary Beads SJS Parramatta
  Sat 26 Polymer Clay Surface Design Techniques SJS Parramatta
December 2016 Sun 11 Polymer Clay Canes SJS Parramatta

Teaching Venues

Sydney Jewellery School (SJS) is Australia’s leading independent teaching facility for contemporary jewellery making, multi-media creative arts techniques and objet d’art creation. Conveniently located in the geographic heart of Sydney at Parramatta, SJS offers a wonderful range of classes for everyone from the beginner through to the accomplished artisan across a wide range of media, and regularly features international artists and guest teachers. (Click HERE for Sydney Jewellery School’s location and contact details.)

Ceramic Haven offers a relaxed and comfortable environment where ceramic and mosaic artists from beginners to advanced can learn new techniques, create beautiful works and enjoy new friendships. Located in Castle Hill in Sydney’s Hill’s District (outer north west), Ceramic Haven’s modern and spacious studio also stocks a wide range of ceramic and mosaic supplies, and has a library of magazines and books and plenty of completed pieces on display for inspiration. (Click HERE for Ceramic Haven’s location and contact details.)

Polymer Clay Classes

Click on the class names for full details, or HERE to jump back up to the class calendar.


Polymer Clay Fundamentals

Everything you need to know to get started with this incredibly versatile, friendly and economical medium! Topics covered include clay types, tools, conditioning, shaping, texturing, working with colours, curing and finishing.

Contemporary Beads

Polymer Clay Contemporary Beads

Go wild with fun, contemporary beads and design possibilities ranging from subtle to striking! This class introduces a variety of textured and patterned beads in shapes including rounds, hemispheres and pods. It also explores practical aspects such as conserving clay and making beads lighter.


Polymer Clay Surface Design Techniques

Learn how to use a wide variety of materials to decorate and embellish polymer clay surfaces. Techniques covered include smooth and patterned mica powder crackle finishes, tricks with metal leaf and metal foil, stenciled and screenprinted effects and image transfers, as well as ways to finish decorated surfaces to protect your designs.


Polymer Clay Canes

A one-day introduction to canework, where designs are constructed as rods (canes) which can be reduced to any size and then sliced to reveal the pattern for use. Learn a variety of component canes and see how they can be combined to create more complex designs including a geometric cane, a flower cane, an “electric shock” pattern, a retro cane, and a kaleidoscope cane. You’ll also learn how to use your canes directly and in veneers, and even what to do with the leftovers!


Polymer Clay Faux Semi-Precious Stones New for 2016!

Learn how to use opaque and translucent polymer clays with a range of compatible materials to make faux turquoise, faux jade and faux lapis lazuli, and see how using the same techniques with different colours can replicate entirely different stones. You’ll also learn a variety of techniques for shaping your faux semi-precious stones into jewellery components, and how to finish them to bring out their true beauty.


Polymer Clay Faux Wood, Bone and Shell New for 2016!

Learn how to use polymer clay to make faux wood, faux bone, faux ivory and faux paua shell, replicating the internal grain, pattern and colouring of these natural materials in a medium that’s much easier to work with. The class also includes ways of using them individually or together, as well as finishing techniques to enhance the completed pieces.


Polymer Clay Bangles and Cuffs New for 2016!

A one-day workshop covering a variety of techniques for constructing bangles and cuffs from polymer clay. Using multi-stage curing for easy handling, you’ll make polymer clay “blanks” on metal forms and then cover them with decorative veneers before lining the edges and interior. The class covers important details such as clay suitability, reinforcement options, working with different cross-sections, and adjusting the fit.

Bright Mica Shift Hollow Bead Example

Polymer Clay Hollow Beads

An introduction to Christine Dumont’s wonderful hollow bead technique, offered by SJS with Christine’s kind permission. Learn how to make big, beautiful beads that are completely hollow and extremely light… maximum impact and incredibly comfortable to wear!


Polymer Clay for Mosaics — Beginners

An introduction to polymer clay via three widely different techniques that can be used to decorate or make polymer clay tiles for use in mosaics. The class starts with smooth and patterned mica crackle effects, continues with faux turquoise and faux marble, and concludes with basic canework in spiral and lace canes. Along the way you’ll learn about basic tools, conditioning, shaping, texturing, curing and finishing polymer clay.


Polymer Clay for Mosaics — Advanced New for 2016!

Building on the skills covered in Polymer Clay for Mosaics (Beginners), this class goes into more depth on canework with a beautiful modern flower cane that introduces colour gradients and the construction of complex canes from basic component canes. You’ll also make decorative polymer clay tiles using several variations of the mokume gane technique, where thin layers of contrasting polymer clay colours are manipulated to form striking patterns.

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Metal Clay Classes

Click on the class names for full details, or HERE to jump back up to the class calendar.


Metal Clay Hollow Forms (Beads) New for 2016!

Learn how to make hollow lentils and other hollow bead shapes from metal clay. You’ll start by making textured domes and other shapes which will be assembled into hollow forms using dry construction techniques. After drilling, refining and kiln firing, your hollow beads will be polished and finished so that they’re ready to wear.


Metal Clay Rings New for 2016!

A one-day introduction to ringmaking with metal clay. Learn how to make rings bands with patterns that run seamlessly all the way around using skeletonised leaves and regular texture sheets. The class covers specific topics such as allowing for clay shrinkage and the use of ring pellets to control size, as well as general topics including handling, forming, refining, firing and finishing metal clay.

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