Polymer Clay Canes

A one-day introduction to the world of polymer clay canes!

Canework, also known as millefiori, is one of the most recognisable decorative techniques in polymer clay. Originating from traditional glassmaking, designs are constructed as rods (canes) which can be reduced to any size and then sliced to reveal the pattern for use.

Learn a variety of component canes and see how they can be combined with colour and construction techniques to create more complex designs: the possibilities are endless!

Specific canes demonstrated in this class will include a geometric design, a flower cane, an “electric shock” pattern, a retro cane, and a kaleidoscope cane.

You’ll also learn how to use your polymer clay canes directly and in veneers, tips to ensure great results… and even what to do with the leftovers!

NB: This class focuses on the canes themselves and relevant skills and techniques, rather than on completing pieces of jewellery.

Essential Techniques Covered

  • Clay selection
  • Colour selection
  • Controlling clay consisitency
  • Common component canes
  • Colour gradients and colour effects
  • Creating complex canes from basic canes
  • Various construction technqiues (additive, symmetry, cut-and-insert, etc.)
  • Packing shaped canes for easy reduction
  • Reducing canes of various shapes, including tips for minimising wastage
  • Tips for slicing canes evenly and with minimal distortion
  • Using extruders for canework
  • A variety of ideas and methods for using canes
  • Uses for cane scraps.

What’s Included

  • All materials, including a generous allocation of polymer clay. Additional polymer clay will be available to purchase if required.
  • Loan of all tools required for the techniques covered.
  • Comprehensive notes.
  • Tuition.

What to Bring

Please bring:

  • A plastic takeaway container and some glad wrap to take home your completed canes and any leftover clay. Canes will not be cured and will need to be transported in their “unbaked” state. Wrap them individually in glad wrap to prevent them from sticking together, and put them all in a container to prevent distortion while being transported.

You are welcome to bring your own pasta machine and polymer clay toolkit if you have these and would like to use them instead of the loan equipment.