I’m a software engineer by profession and enjoy that immensely, but I’ve also always loved making things whether they be practical or decorative.

When I discovered polymer clay in 2007 I was hooked immediately, and for quite a few years just explored what could be done with it. I found information on the internet, participated in a few online workshops, but mostly experimented on my own (“what will happen if…?”).

I attended my first face-to-face workshop in 2013 when Tory Hughes taught at Sydney Jewellery School, and was totally gobsmacked a short time later to receive an invitation from SJS founder Roz Eberhard to teach there. (Me? Seriously???) But I said yes and haven’t looked back since. I love sharing what I’ve discovered and seeing everyone express their ideas, and think polymer clay is even more fun now than when I started.

I’ve also had a wonderful time trying almost all the media that SJS offers classes in, and have discovered a second love in metal clay. And many other loves not far behind that. (In fact, the only crafty thing I’ve ever tried that I haven’t liked is sewing. Can’t stand that at all for some reason! LOL)

In addition to teaching an expanded range of classes at Sydney Jewellery School and now at Ceramic Haven too I’m continuing to experiment with polymer clay, metal clay and other media, with this blog being another channel for sharing that information. Thanks for visiting it!


    1. Hi Ramya,

      I haven’t seen that oven in person (yet), but judging by the information on the page you linked I think it should be suitable for polymer clay. It only has a 1 hour timer, so when using Premo polymer clay preheat the oven, put your items in, then reset the timer so that they get the full 60 minutes.

      I’ll take a tour of the local electrical retailers when I get a spare day and will publish a post on specific oven recommendations then.

      Happy claying! :)


  1. Hi Sue, Thank u so much for ur immediate response ,bcoz after ur class iam eagerly waiting to do the techniques u taught us and when iam coming to ur next class in august ,I wish to share my experiences with u and show the pieces I have done .

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