Polymer Clay Contemporary Beads

Go wild with these stunning polymer clay beads!

The combination of black and white is timeless, and these fun, contemporary beads offer a wide range of design possibilities from subtle to striking.

This hands-on one-day workshop introduces a variety of textured and patterned beads in shapes including rounds, hemispheres and pods. Mix shapes and styles for a truly unique piece… and try different colours for a whole new look!

The class also covers practical aspects such as using scrap clay cores to conserve your good clay and options for making your beads lighter.

At the end of the class you’ll be able to assemble your beads into fabulous jewellery such as a necklace, bracelet or earrings, depending on the number and size of beads made.

Essential Techniques Covered

Decorative techniques explored include:

  • Simple canes
  • Extruded strings
  • Texturing with common polymer clay tools
  • Highlighting.

Other techniques include:

  • Making beads with scrap clay cores
  • Options for lightweight bead cores
  • Tips for consistent bead size
  • Drilling holes before and after curing
  • Proper curing.

What’s Included

  • All materials, including a generous allocation of polymer clay. Additional polymer clay will be available to purchase if required.
  • Loan of all tools required for the techniques covered.
  • Comprehensive notes.
  • Tuition.

What to Bring

Please bring:

  • A plastic takeaway container to take home any uncured pieces or leftover clay.
  • Scrap clay, if you have some.

You are welcome to bring your own pasta machine and polymer clay toolkit if you have these and would like to use them instead of the loan equipment.