Polymer Clay Bangles and Cuffs

New for 2016! A one-day workshop where you’ll learn a variety of techniques for constructing bangles and cuffs from polymer clay.

Polymer clay bangles and cuffs are lightweight and comfortable, and can be decorated in endless ways including with patterned or textured veneers, cane slices, dimensional appliqués, carving and sculpting, and embedded objects.

In this class we’ll start by constructing polymer clay bangle and cuff “blanks” on metal forms which will be cured while preparing decorative veneers. The decorative veneers will then be applied to the blanks and cured again, after which the edges and interior can be lined. Completed pieces will be refined with finishing techniques such as sanding and buffing. See below for further details on topics covered.

You will make both a bangle blank and a cuff blank, and should be able to finish at least one of these during class time.

For decorative inspiration, you might also be interested in some of the other polymer clay classes offered by SJS, including Surface Design Techniques, Imitative Techniques #1 and #2, and Polymer Clay Canes.

Essential Techniques Covered

  • Cuffs versus bangles
  • Suitable polymer clay brands
  • Selecting and preparing metal forms
  • Making cuff and bangle “blanks” from polymer clay
  • Reinforcement techniques
  • Shaping and working with flat, domed and freeform cross sections
  • Applying decorative coverings
  • Edge and interior treatments
  • Adjusting the fit for different sized wrists
  • Multi-stage curing for easy handling and maximum strength
  • Sanding and finishing
  • Discussion of other construction techniques including enclosed armatures and wooden bases.

What’s Included

  • All materials, including a generous allocation of polymer clay. Additional polymer clay will be available to purchase if required.
  • Loan of all tools required for the techniques covered, including cuff and bangle forms in a range of shapes and sizes.
  • Comprehensive notes.
  • Tuition.

What to Bring

Please bring:

  • Scrap polymer clay, if you have some, equivalent to 2 small blocks and conditioned to a uniform consistency and colour. If you do not have scrap clay the class allocation will be sufficient.
  • A plastic takeaway container to take home any leftover clay.

You are welcome to bring your own pasta machine and polymer clay toolkit if you have these and would like to use them instead of the loan equipment.